On Thursday evening, a new poll found that Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin has pulled ahead ahead in a poll, with a majority of Virginian parents saying they supported Youngkin over his Democrat counterpart.

In a Fox News poll,  56 percent of likely voters who identified themselves as parents responded that they would vote for Youngkin if the election were to be held that day.

42 percent stated that they would vote for Terry McAuliffe.

The large lead Youngkin has gathered is noteworthy due to the state voting for President Biden by 10 points during the 2020 presidential election, according to Fox News.

"Most likely voters (52 percent) said they trust Youngkin more on education, compared to 44 percent who said they trust McAuliffe," wrote Fox News.

Both candidates have called for more investment in education. Youngkin has called for a ban on critical race theory teachings in Virginia, while McAuliffe, claimed that "critical race theory has never been taught in Virginia," noting that bringing the issue up is a "racist dog whistle."

McAuliffe made a controversial comment back in September,  stating at a debate, "I don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach."