Ontario Premier Doug Ford has asked provincial hospital administrators for their opinions on the merits of a vaccine mandate for health workers.

According to the Toronto Sun, Ford asked whether vaccine mandates would be needed for health staff across the province, and whether or not there would be a serious impact on staffing.

Recently, Quebec announced that they would be pushing back the date for their vaccine mandate deadline, from October 15 to November 15.

Statistics from Quebec officials show that over 600 hospital beds would have been inadequately staffed and shutdown had the mandate been applied on the original date.

Previously, when Premier Ford was asked about rules surrounding unvaccinated healthcare workers needing to regularly provide a negative COVID test to continue, said that he does not "believe in forcing anyone to get a vaccination that doesn't want it."

"If you aren't getting it, some of the hospitals have an education video that you need to watch. These are really smart people, and they know right from wrong. I just encourage them to please, just get vaccinated. There's very few of them, but still, we'd love to see 100 percent."