(UPDATE, October 5th 2021: a blog post from Facebook's Engineering department confirms the source of yesterday's outage had to do with a border gateway protocol error.)

Initial feedback reports indicate that while the DNS issue for Facebook is seemingly patched up, the user experience is still having a “temporary problem.”

What made today’s Facebook outage more unique is how it was more than the servers going down. Since “Facebook runs EVERYTHING through Facebook” this meant the company’s ability to assess the damage from their situation was crippled by themselves.

That’s why security measures locked people out of the building’s conference rooms, and what created the need for a team to head out to a California data center to do a manual reset.

Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer took to Twitter to apologize for the outages of Facebook’s services.

When the services came back online he added it "may take some time to get to 100%."

Facebook’s competitor reacted in stride to today’s situation at the rival company.

The Twitter platform itself had a brief hiccup as a result of this unusual usage spike.

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen is scheduled to testify tomorrow in front of the Senate Commerce Committee. The slated focus is said to be "Protecting Kids Online" as one of the key findings made public is the negative impact Facebook's own researchers discovered Instagram has on American teens.