A terrorist attack has taken place in Liverpool in the United Kingdom after a man detonated a bomb inside a taxi cab outside a woman's hospital.

The terrorist was pronounced dead at the scene. No one else died as a result of the attack, but the taxi driver did suffer some injuries.

This attack took place on Remembrance Sunday. Police seem to believe that they were targeting commemorative events taking place close to the hospital.

Police have since arrested four men in relation to this attack. They have been arrested under the terrorism act.

Fortunately, the potential harm of this attack was minimized by a local cab driver who locked the terrorist in the car. The cab driver managed to escape with minor injuries.

Police have identified the terrorist but have not released any information to the public yet. As a result of this incident, the UK's terror level has been increased to severe. This means another attack is highly likely.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to chair an emergency meeting later on Monday.