Conservative leader Erin O'Toole released a new message Thursday, following a series of deadly acts of violence in Kabul, Afghanistan. "We are witnessing the sheer devastation and grief of so many people seeking to flee Afghanistan," O'Toole said in his video.

Addressing Afghan interpreters, O'Toole continued "These are the people who have risked everything to help us. Interpreters who answered the call to support our troops, who kept Canadians safe, who risked their lives for us."

"Aid workers who ventured into the most dangerous parts of the world to ensure that the Afghan people could have a chance at the kind of things we take for granted: Education, peace, democracy," O'Toole continued.

Finally, the Conservative leader ends his video laying out three concrete things Canada can do right now. "Number one. Rededicate ourselves to work with our allies and Afghanistan's neighbours to help anyone able to flee the Taliban. Number two. Work with our allies, including India, to establish humanitarian and refugee corridors. Number three. Provide political and material support to Afghans resisting the Taliban occupation," O'Toole said.

"We must not stop in our efforts to stand up for those who stood with us," O'Toole concluded.