People's Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier addressed his supporters at his party's campaign headquarters in Saskatoon following a dreadful showing across Canada.

While full election results will not arrive until Tuesday, it is expected that Bernier's PPC will finish with a grand total of zero seats won.

Bernier himself lost in Beauce to the Conservative incumbent—a seat Bernier himself lost in 2019.

"Today, my friends, we made history," said Bernier, whose party finished with a total of zero seats. Politics will never be the same again. When we started this campaign five weeks ago, everybody thought we would only be a footnote. At the beginning, the media did not even cover us. And then, they had to start paying attention."

Bernier, whose party started with polling numbers below 4 percent, would see a surge in support heading into the final days of the election, with popular vote figures consistently hovering around the 10 percent mark.

"Everywhere you looked, you could see purple. A purple wave, a sea of purple."

"My friends, this is not just a political party. It is a movement. It is an ideological revolution that we are starting now," said Bernier. "Enough hysteria. Today, over a million Canadians said they've had enough. Enough of this COVID hysteria. enough of the flattening of our rights and freedoms. enough of the massive spending, deficits, and govt overreaching," said Bernier. "Like me, they are mad. They want to have their normal lives back—they don't want the tyrannical Chinese model that you admire, Mr. Prime Minister."

During an interview with True North, Bernier said that there would potentially be room for a post-election leadership review.