Award-winning Seattle-based journalist Brandi Kruse announced on Monday that she is launching her own independent show called "[un]Divided" after resigning from her corporate media job last week.

Kruse, who is highly respected in and known for her fair reporting, hosted a show on Fox Q13 called "The Divide" which focused on finding common ground on controversial issues during a time of tense political division, both in Seattle and throughout the nation.

The network wanted to change the direction and format of "The Divide" but both parties failed to reach an agreement which resulted in Fox Q13 taking the show off the air. This led to Kruse's resignation from the corporation.

Kruse says that her new independent show [un]Divided is political commentary for the anti-fringe.

"This is one of the most important moments in history for journalism," Kruse said on why she left her job in corporate media. "A free press was meant for a moment like this."

"A moment where government at all levels is exerting direct and profound power over people's lives, yet too many in the mainstream media are falling short of their obligations to question that power," Kruse said. "It is our job to challenge the prevailing narrative."

Kruse said she left Fox Q13 because she believed that she could no longer work for them while also "working for you."

Because of Kruse's fair reporting in Seattle on topics like law enforcement and the effects of progressive policies, she is often the target of verbal attacks on social media platforms by radical leftists and progressive voters. Those that disagree with Kruse speculate that she is a Republican but the reporter told The Ari Hoffman Show on Monday that those are simply rumors and she is independent.

Kruse told Hoffman that she "loved" working for FOX but with the way corporate media is structured she believed that it limited her from reaching her true potential as a political reporter.

"I couldn't do the most meaningful work that I believe I'm capable of in that structure," Kruse said.

Kruse's new show "[un]Divided" can be found on YouTube, Patreon, and nearly all podcast platforms.