Late last month 40-year-old BLM activist Tatiana Turner made her seven figure bail over criminal proceedings from last year. She's facing trial over an incident last year where she was filmed running over demonstrators with her car.

This news comes from the caravan4justice Instagram account that has rallied behind helping Turner fight her case.

The million dollar bail is what was described as the amount on the website.

Earlier this week SoCal Antifa advertised a show of solidarity at Tia Turner’s preliminary hearing. The Twitter account laid out strict ground rules for attendees. “There will be no tolerance for unnecessary leftist Sabre rattling,” they demanded.

Tatiana Rita Turner of Long Beach was initially charged with attempted murder last year for reportedly plowing her vehicle into a group of counter-protesters and injuring two people last year.

The LA Times claims in addition to the September 2020 demo incident in Yorba Linda, the month before that Tia Turner is said to have beaten two men at a Seal Beach protest with a “four-foot rod.”

Per the Orange County district attorney’s announcement, this is what Tia Turner is claiming self-defense against: "Turner was previously charged with six felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon, one felony count of mayhem and two felony counts for using pepper spray. If convicted on all counts, she faces a maximum sentence of seven years to life plus 26 years in state prison.”

As of today — the pre-trial hearing for Tatiana Turner is ongoing.