During questioning following President Joe Biden's address to the nation regarding the Afghanistan evacuation efforts, one reporter asked Biden about a new CBS poll that found American think Biden is no longer fit for the position as president.

"The majority of Americans- and forgive me, I'm just the messenger-  no longer consider you to be competent, focused or effective at your job."

"I haven't seen that poll," said Biden, before laughing.

The CBS poll found that Biden's overall approval rating has tanked since July, falling to a 50-50 split amongst Americans.

The poll also found that there's been "a more specific impact on qualities the public sees in Mr. Biden," according to CBS.

Those qualities include competence, focus, and effectiveness, which have all fallen to below 50 percent from April's percentages.

The reporter during Biden's Sunday address also told the president about the poll’s findings that while Americans wanted to get out of Afghanistan, they disapprove of how he went about it.

While 63 percent of American's approve of removing US troops from Afghanistan, just 47 percent said that they approved of Biden's handling of the removal.

44 percent of respondents said that the removal of US troops has gone "very badly," and an additional 30 percent said that it has gone "somewhat badly."