Today the Office of Management published a blog post saying that Congress is going to need to pass a smaller spending bill, called a short-term continuing resolution (CR). The slang term for this in Washington is called a stopgap bill.

They need to do this because negotiations for the $1 trillion and $3.5 trillion funding bills are ongoing. According to CNBC, the 2021 fiscal year ends this month, September.

If Congress doesn’t pass either their big funding bills, nor this stopgap bill, the outcome would be a formal government shutdown.

The way the OMB is framing their proposal packages together Hurricane Ida with Afghan refugee resettlement. In the natural disasters category, they claim to need “over $14 billion” for natural disasters before Hurricane Ida. But an additional $10 billion to repair from the damages left in Ida’s immediate wake.

Then comes the Afghanistan portion, which the Biden administration demands $6.4 billion to attend to.

As you can see by the 34-page text of the Biden administration’s pitch, hurricane recovery and refugee resettlement are packaged together.

The United States has taken in countless refugees beyond simply Americans and Afghan allies who worked with the US military during the war.

An effort that purportedly turned out to traffic child brides into America, alongside men of older age.

"The majority of the requested funds are for DOD and State to support processing sites overseas and in the United States and U.S. government transportation for our allies and partners between processing sites and the United States. The funding request also includes support for humanitarian assistance through State and USAID to Afghans at risk in the region and targeted funding to HHS and State to provide Afghans paroled into the United States with public health screenings and vaccinations along with full resettlement resources and a path to enable them to build successful new lives here."

Former President Trump’s senior advisor Stephen Miller urged lawmakers in Washington DC to push for Biden to separate the “refugee slush fund” from the rest of what’s being proposed.

Axios says the Biden administration is expecting up to 95,000 Afghan refugees to make their way into the USA. Earlier today, Jen Psaki fielded questions about the moves the President is making to get humanitarian aid on the ground in Afghanistan.

Over in Europe, at least one Afghan refugee was arrested for reportedly attempting to stab a 58-year-old woman in Wilmersdorf, Berlin.