A leadership candidate for the BC Liberals has fired one of his campaign advisors after they berated another leadership candidate's staff in a bar, according to Global News.

Diamond Isinger, who is a campaign advisor for MLA Michael Lee, said she bumped into four members of Kevin Falcon's team, who is widely seen as the favourite in the BC Liberal leadership contest.

During this encounter, one of Falcon's advisors berated her, and made sexual comments towards her, which left Isinger in tears.

Speaking about the encounter publicly, Isinger said "I was berated with misogynistic slurs and profane insults while being yelled at for 15+ minutes."

"Others at the table let this continue for a long time while I burst into tears and cried openly"

"Despite trying to address this issue in private, I have no choice but to share this publicly to encourage accountability, due to the lack of action taken — with no apologies or consequences in the two days since this occurred," she added.

Falcon has since stated that he is "deeply troubled" by the incident. He has since launched an investigation into this incident and has fired the staffer in question.

"We’ve since spoken to that member, and based on the conversation, there was sufficient acknowledgement of Diamond’s account and I have ended the relationship between him and my campaign team," wrote Falcon.