Arkansas Rep. Bruce Westerman and other Republicans from the state told the Biden administration that parents in the school system can decide for themselves about vaccinating their kids against COVID.

Their message of prioritizing personal health privacy comes as the Biden administration is finalizing OSHA requirements mandating the workforces of private businesses are vaccinated.

In an exclusive for Daily Caller, we see another set of moves being made by GOP lawmakers. This time its representatives from Arkansas voicing their concerns to Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona over any potential federal COVID vaccine mandate for students.

Bruce Westerman from the fourth district of Arkansas organized the letter, and it’s co-signed by Rick Crawford, French Hill, and Steve Womack from Arkansas’ first, second and third districts.

Their main message to Cardona is that Arkansas parents understand the responsibilities for themselves as to whether or not they need to vaccinate their children against COVID-19.

"The State of Arkansas, and Governor Asa Hutchinson, have ensured vaccinations are easily accessible for those who desire one, and can determine what requirements, if any, are necessary to keep students safe and schools open. COVID-19 vaccination status is private health information, and an individual should not be compelled by the federal government to divulge their status. Furthermore, students and teachers can wear masks, face shields, and social distance should they feel additional protective measures are necessary."

It was at the start of October that California Governor Gavin Newsom preemptively decided to make COVID vaccines mandatory for all K - 12 public school students in the state as soon as the drug was FDA approved. This was even before Pfizer made formal motions to get FDA approval for their COVID jab for children ages 5 to 11.

It was shortly after that, that the Biden administration signaled their own personal readiness to distribute COVID vaccines to that age group.

This isn’t the first time a joint letter was organized in recent days against the Biden administration. On Monday, seventeen state Attorneys General sent a letter to both President Biden and Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice. In it they voiced their opposition to the DOJ’s memorandum saying they’d use the FBI against parents protesting their school boards, in whatever applicable case they possibly could.