Police in North Bay, Ontario are investigating after disturbing cellphone video appeared to show students of a local school committing anti-Semitic acts.

A spokesperson for the North Bay Police Service said officers were called to Ecole Secondaire Catholique Algonquin on Friday, September 17 after reports of anti-Semitic activity. According to CP24, cellphone video was exhibited appearing to show students on a field changing "Heil Hitler" while making Nazi salutes and "uttering expletives against Jewish people."

The video sparked outrage throughout the community. Police spoke to students at the school about hate crimes, and sent out a statement to the public. "I want to offer our condolences to the Jewish community of North Bay for having to see this video and see this happening in our community," Police Chief Scott Tod said. "There is no place for hate and intolerance in North Bay."

North Bay mayor Al McDonald took to Twitter, sternly reminding people that discrimination has "no home" in North Bay, and urging everyone to "speak up against racism & hate when it appears."

According to CP24,  police are also investigating the motive behind the incident, and whether it constitutes a crime related to hate, genocide, or incitement of hatred.