A California school district is planning on firing one of its teachers after an undercover Project Veritas video revealed he was radicalizing the students. According to Natomas Unified School District, "Yesterday, a group released an undercover video that has been covered extensively. In this video, a teacher at Inderkum High School was recorded sharing his educational approach that is disturbing and undermines the public's trust."

The Project Veritas report released on Tuesday exposes Inderkum High School AP government teacher Gabriel Gipe for politically indoctrinating students and stating that he is turning his students into "revolutionaries." "I have 180 days to turn them [students] into revolutionaries … Scare the f— out of them," said Gipe in the undercover footage filmed by Project Veritas.

Despite initially ignoring Project Veritas when approached, the district now says, "As of today, this teacher was placed on paid leave because of his actions and choices in the classroom. Natomas Unified will be taking the legally required next steps to place the teacher on unpaid leave and fire the teacher."

The district also addressed the imagery in Gipe's classroom, including the Antifa flag and the poster of the murderous dictator Mao Zedong. In their statement, the district notes they removed the imagery and also found more disturbing political material.

"Additionally, the teacher, using his own money, purchased a series of rubber stamps. These stamps include an inappropriate image of Josef Stalin with an insensitive phrase, as well as other stamps with Fidel Castro, Kim Jung Un and others," the statement reads, noting the teacher used these stamps to mark work as complete.

Violated policies - NUSD statement

The statement concludes with an apology to parents. "To the parents, students and other staff - NUSD is sorry that this reached this level of disruption."

Micah Grant is a member of the school board at Natomas Unified, who also shared his concerns. "I am a lifelong defender of individual freedoms and personal expression, but I am deeply concerned with what I’ve seen in the video," said Grant on Facebook.

"Parents depend on us to provide a safe and nurturing educational environment for their children and we have a responsibility to address any allegations where a teacher may have pressured students into conforming to his or her personal beliefs. I have full faith that our Superintendent will thoroughly investigate this situation and that appropriate action will follow."