Members of Portland's antifa movement started a riot Friday night outside the Justice Center in downtown Portland. The riot followed a grand jury declining to indict an officer over the shooting of a man who brandished a replica pistol at police. As a result, antifa blocked off the street and started a fire.

Videos have begun populating social media. One such video shows Portland police behind a gate in downtown, Portland.

Another video depicts antifa moving to the nearby city hall and burning an American flag.

A final video depicts the violent scene outside the US federal courthouse, still boarded up more than a year after antifa tried to burn it down.

Portland has long been the epicentre of violent rioting by extremist groups, such as antifa. Last year, rioters in the downtown area did severe damage to a Catholic church. St. Andre Bassette church was recognized in the community for its outreach to the needy and the homeless.

The church had been running a drop-in centre, a food bank with a fully functioning kitchen, and had washing machines and showers available for free use. All of these services are now suspended because of the extensive damage done there by the mob's violent actions.

Despite the violence, 90 percent of protest-related cases are dropped in Portland. Since the death of George Floyd, nearly 1,000 protesters have been arrested in connection to the Portland riots, but the overwhelming majority will likely never be prosecuted by the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office.