Antifa activist and cancel culture crusader Nandini Jammi posted a photo of NARS makeup foundation while at Sephora and asked her followers if they thought the makeup was "racist."

Jammi is a co-founder of the cancel culture website Check My Ads where she targets companies that she doesn't agree with by getting advertisers to pull their ads through lies and slander.

"I was at Sephora this weekend, and this is racist right?" Jammi asked.

The photo she posted from 2016 shows multiple bottles of NARS makeup foundation and the selection of shades that they offer for different skin tones. Jammi did not mention the reason that led her to believe the makeup to be "racist."

In addition to the bizarre racist makeup allegations, Jammi works in direct connection with criminal members of Antifa that are in legal trouble.

Jammi has been working alongside self-described Antifa member Chad Loder to target websites she disagrees with. Her latest volatile and slanderous attacks have been towards Fox News' Dan Bongino, who just survived a grueling battle of cancer, and The Post Millennial.

Check My Ads began targeting The Post Millennial after editor-at-large Andy Ngo reported that Chad Loder was served a restraining order in September.

Most recently, Jammi attacked The Post Millennial by using an image of an editor to claim that the conservative media outlet backs "neo-Nazis." The image was of Ari Hoffman, an Orthodox Jew. The Post Millennial is also Jewish-owned  

When Hoffman called-out Nandini Jammi for her anti-Semitism in a video, the activist targeted Hoffman on Twitter and posted a screenshot of the Jewish editor while laughing at his video.

Jammi's repeated attacks against Jews have led many to speculate that the activist is an anti-Semite.

In April 2020, Jammi was booted from LinkedIn after harassing accountancy firm Deloitte. Deloitte's crime? Contracting with an agency of the US federal government. Deloitte was contracted with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and was accused of helping that agency conduct family separations at the border, an attempt to curb immigration.

The Bongino Report revealed on Wednesday that Nandini Jammi has been lying to her supporters while claiming that donations to her website Check My Ads are tax-deductible. The slanderous website is a pending 501c3 non-profit therefore donations are not tax deductible unless Check My Ads gets approved, according to the IRS.

The picture below captured from their website states that Check My Ads is pending approval.

Photo courtesy of The Bongino Report.