A group of parents showed up at a Mobile County Public School System school board meeting in Alabama on Monday to protest the district's mandatory mask policy. One of the two dozen protestors in attendance was a woman who wore a space helmet to protest this policy.

According to WPMI News, the woman wearing the helmet was part of a group called Parent’s Choice Mobile County Schools. The founder of the group said the woman was wearing the helmet as a form of sarcasm to protest the mandatory mask policy.

Parents who were members of the group held signs with slogans that read "Masking is child abuse," "My child, My choice," and "Parent's Choice Mobile County Schools." One of the group members gave a speech to the school administration during the meeting to express their opposition to the mandatory mask policy.

Mike Wilson, a spokesman from the group, said that more parents would have been at the meeting if it was not held during work hours. He said that the school board intentionally schedules the meetings for times when most parents are at work.

Wilson went on to say that he and the other parents who were protesting believe that masks are ineffective against the spread of Covid-19 and that forcing kids to wear them every day at school is harmful to their physical and mental well-being.

"We are not pro or against masks. We are against being mandated to wear a mask. We are against being mandated to be vaccinated," Wilson said. "We are against being mandated to do anything our constitutional rights don't give us the rights to do."

Dr. Reginald Crenshaw, Mobile County Public School System School Board Chair, said that the input from the protestors was being heard and that he respected their opinions. But he said that the mask mandate will remain in place as long as their local health unit advises them to do so.

“Our first priority is to protect the health and safety of our children," Dr. Crenshaw said. "That’s what it’s all about. It’s not about the politics, it’s about the health and safety of our children before we even start to teach them ABCs.”