Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has announced on Friday that he is positive for COVID, and has been taking Ivermectin along with other treatments to combat the virus.

According to TMZ,  "The Green Bay Packers star revealed his at-home, coronavirus-fighting plan on "The Pat McAfee Show" on Friday ... saying he decided to down a cocktail of meds similar to the way Rogan did earlier this year after talking with the 54-year-old."

"I've consulted with a now-good friend of mine, Joe Rogan, after he got COVID and I've been doing a lot of the stuff that he recommended in his podcasts and on the phone to me," said Rogers. "I've been taking monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, zinc, vitamin c and d, and HCQ and I feel pretty incredible."

"If you're a healthy person who has a strong immune system, keep building your immune system, and do what you gotta do; do what's best for your body."

Rogers than pivoted to explaining how he thinks that big pharma corporations are dominating discourse on the subject, and blocking important information from the public for profit motives:

"But that opinion doesn't work, because we've given away billions of dollars to these pharmaceutical companies now, for these vaccines, and It's not gonna stop. Merck's coming out with a pill, Pfizer is coming out with a pill that are basically the expensive versions of Ivermectin."

"Why do people hate Ivermectin? Just cause Trump championed it? [It's] because it's a cheap generic. You can't make any money off of it," continued Rodgers, then pointing out that Ivermectin has been successful in other parts of the world.

"But, it's been used a billion times in India. Look at that research. What's going on over there?"