Canadian conservative commentator Aaron Gunn is launching season two of his hit documentary series, Politics Explained. Almost one year after his first season, the BC-based taxpayer advocate is releasing seven episodes for free on his Facebook page and YouTube channel.

In an interview with The Post Millennial, Gunn said he hopes Canadians gain insight into the issues that matter.

"From the headwinds facing Canadian energy to the dangerous rise of Communist China, I hope Politics Explained leads Canadians to pause and reflect on these significant issues and re-engage in the democratic discussion (and debate) around them," said Gunn.

Many conservatives in Canada have argued for producing original content and not solely relying on mainstream media to control the narrative. This is what Gunn believes and what inspires him.

"For years, I've felt too many important issues and perspectives are ignored by the mainstream media. In particular, I feel there's been a real shortage of thoughtful, investigative journalism that Canadians can watch and explore," he opined. "So, trying to provide an alternative, in that context, is really what this is all about."

Notably, Politics Explained has a TV-level production value but is offered completely free. "It hasn't been easy, but I believe it's important to get this kind of content in front of many Canadians as possible, to get them thinking about the issues affecting our country. Otherwise, what's the point?" Gunn explains.

"That's why we crowdfunded all of the money for Season 2 ahead of time to allow for the broadest distribution possible for all seven episodes of Politics Explained – and that's exactly what we're doing."

Gunn noted two prominent and personal highlights from the season. "I'd probably have to say sitting down and having a frank and honest conversation with Pierre Poilievre was definitely a highlight."

The conservative commentator will feature CPC MP Pierre Poilievre in an upcoming episode. "As was my confrontation with anti-logging protesters at Fairy Creek out here in BC" Protestors in BC have recently set up illegal blockades, much like those opposed to oil and natural gas.

Aaron Gunn's next steps remain unclear, but he is currently positioning himself to run for BC Liberal Leader and has established an exploratory committee. "At the moment, I'm weighing a couple of different options, including jumping into elected politics or, possibly, the third season of Politics Explained," he said.

"One thing is for sure, regardless of the direction I choose, I will never abandon the principles on which I have built my following nor stop fighting for the issues that I believe are so critical to this nation's future."

Both seasons one and two of Politics Explained are available for free on Aaron Gunn's Facebook page and YouTube channel.