Shaping morality and enhancing the power of cogitation, roles of books are just irreplaceable. We all know, books are the journal of one’s thoughts. Since the dawn of civilization, we have seen how immaculately these have been bearing the responsibility of changing the world, changing mind, moreover sprouting one’s thought into another and finally chasing towards sage and wisdom. A book has no genre to start with neither can it be with toxic thought. However, as summer has started and lots of you have started enjoying your vacation. But the crazy book lovers, if you don't find a proper way of starting this summer, here is a list of 10 books, highly recommended by all. Read all these and make your summer vacation completely splendid.

1. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind| Yuval Noah Harari

Price: $19.99 at Barnes and Noble

If you wonder about the law of survival works and fanaticism to unfold each page of human history; since the day of existence and finally surviving as Homo Sapiens out of seven primate species from last several thousand years ago, this book is just perfect for you.

Here at this book Dr. Harari has tried to depict history and biology from a perspective of evolutionary traits with fascinating contexts. From each of its pages, not only you can unearth all primordial species of Sapiens but also encounter how Homo Sapiens i.e. modern human beings had managed to cope with the law of adapting and changing the environment.

2. Leave Only Footprints: My Acadia-to-Zion Journey Through Every National Park| Conor Knighton

Price: $14.99 Paperback at Barnes and Noble

Everyone loves his motherland and so does Conor Knighton, the author of the book. Who framed America through a captive and hilarious storytelling after taking an enthralling road trip. All places he stayed or paused, whether it’s a bathhouse in Arkansas or in the midst of a lonely highway at Nevada, replete his sack of memory with a distinct nature that also precipitates a different self-philosophical perspective.

Hence, to all those who love to explore another side of America, twisted with a description of hilariousness, pristine travelogues, moreover understanding the country from a close distance, pick this one without a second thought.

3. Caste (Oprah's Book Club): The Origins of Our Discontents| Isabel Wilkerson

Price: $23.99

This book is a masterpiece from the Pulitzer prize owner Isabel Wilkerson who tries to illuminate another side of America, probably the darker one which impacts upon caste, colour, blasphemy, politics and humiliation and moreover a prolonged cold war between black and white regarding social existence and status. This book is a classic evidence to unfold the existence of casteism even today that still cherishes the difference. So, if you don’t mind facing raw reality and turning over pages full of fate, pain, struggle and disinters the truth beyond casteism, put a piece of it in your library.

4. Fox and I: An Uncommon Friendship| Catherine Raven

Price: $23.49

The book is a poignant creation which cherishes an unconventional norms of friendship between humans and animals, especially  with the wild one. This book is a substantial epilogue of disavowing the definition of ‘framed friendship’, emphasis upon animals’ amiability to each other; defying the nature of trait; wild, domesticated or humanly. An uncommon friendship with a wild fox and a lonely woman i.e. writer herself teaches us of growing together and sharing notions of empathy and sympathy at the same time.

5. Transcendent Kingdom: A novel| Yaa Gyasi

Price: $13.49

This fiction is an illustration of the main character Gifty, who is a PhD student of neuroscience at the school of medicine, Stanford University seeking a way out against depression, addiction and psychic trauma through her research. It also highlights how deliberately she tries to deal with all the massacre that happened to her family and loss. This petulant novel will surely give an engaging reading with beautiful explanations of each chapter.

6. Mexican Gothic| Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Price: $13.99

This novel perfectly contradicts with the past gothic styles, most importantly, this one cherishes women protagonist as the main character in the plot of 1950’s male hounded Mexico.

The main lead Noemi Taboda, who lives in the countryside of Mexico, a flaunting sleuth and of irresistible beauty who is smart, intelligent and socialite at the same time, suddenly got a frantic letter that simply inscribes her newly wed cousin who live in Mexican highland, is in worry. So, the story begins with lots of thrilling twists and turns along with a smart style of inspection through the hand of a smart lead character. As the story proceeds you will fall deeply will the character.

7. Lights Out in Lincolnwood| Geoff Rodkey

Price: $13.99

An epilogue of absolutely modern ways of survival and related mayhem and family drama; all of these have penned down in the most hilarious way which resembles to all of us.

The focal point of the book pivots upon a middle American class family who lives in New Jersey and their life circle or tragedy in clear tongue! Dan , who is a lawyer turned screenwriter by fate, involves himself busy to complaisant his boss, while the Mom, a successful MBA graduate, abandoned her business to raise kids. The kids, 17 years old Chole and her vape addicted brother, their franticsm are one step ahead.

At the end, this book will leave you in the absolute grotesque family drama and help you realize that peace is hypothetical and unachievable.

8. Authentic: A Memoir by the Founder of Vans| Paul Van Doren

Price: $23.99

This book is a memoir of struggles and diligence, which was curated upon Van Dorren and his journey of establishing America’s leading sneakers and athletic apparel brand Authentic. Van Dorren who was a 16 years old school drop out, a blue collar worker and zero retail experience finally has been able to build his own legacy.

Thus the book implies another verse that diligence is much more beneficial to be successful and nail each part of life, at times. So, for inspirational guidance give this one a smart read.

9. The Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness| Sy Montgomery

Price: $14.49

Till the time scientists have considered dogs, birds and chimpanzees as intelligent creatures but after reading this book you will realize that octopus is a new addition to this list.

The writer cum scientist have been engulfed after countering myriads of cunning acts from this sleek and spiderly jelly blob creatures from a ranges of vibrant species; gentle Athena, assertive Octavia, curious Kali, and joyful Karma from different parts of ocean or aquarium, from Gulf of Mexico or the reef of French polynesia. Therefore, this book is more a scientific journal with behaviour than a simple fiction. You will enjoy each page of it.

10. Shutter| Melissa Larsen

Price: $14.49

If mystery and thrilling novels are your first choice, pick this one in hand. In this fiction the story begins with Betty Rouxx, whose life has drastically changed after her father's death. She moved out to New York city to be a heroine after receiving an offer of lead role from a mysterious director. Eventually after 1 month into the shooting she realized, there is something more than movie and shooting which is obviously dark. The story continues to be densely captivating and rich with thrilling consequences.

So, I hope the list of these 10 books would absolutely be perfect to add a feather to your summer vacation. Enjoy reading.